Welcome to Buxna Palankus Counter Strike server

About Head Admin

Available Offers

1 Month Head Admin: 40.00 EUR

+Ultimate Vip: 45.00 EUR

2 Months Head Admin: 80.00 EUR + 1 free month

+ Ultimate Vip: 90.00 EUR + 1 free month

Head Admin features in game

Head Admin chat tag

Special chat with admins (Team Chat)

Buy health human amount: +40%

Buy human armor amount: +20%

Buy ZM health amount: +80%

Can drop JP

Full access to admin menu

Admin model

Uranus human class [Heal + Damage]

Scream zombie class [Heal + Damage]

Access to spectate team > y/spec

+100 armor every spawn

Free items

x2 ammo for kill/infect